Park Sentry

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Park Sentry

Increase visibility and add protection to parking structure columns.

Park Sentry

Park Sentry® protects columns and vehicles from damage by adding a scratch-resistant layer around concrete columns. Allows drivers park closer to the columns expanding the useable parking space. It is very easy to install.

Molded from specifically engineered ARPRO® material, Park Sentry protector buffers the column with a scratch-free padding. This offers extra protection in the 90 degree corners where most collision damage occurs. Park Sentry can be customized to fit any square or rectangular concrete column. Ideal solution for parking structures, maximizing protection without sacrificing parking space. Park Sentry the "splash zone" is covered from road salts and debris preventing column corrosion.

Park Sentry


  • Customizable to fit any sized rectangular or square column
  • Oil, chemical, water and flame resistant
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • 1.6" (40mm) thick plank for low-profile installation
  • Interlocking pieces create one-piece wrap-around product to surround column
  • Recessed belt creates seamless appearance
  • Available in yellow and black

Corner Features

  • Offset grommets hidden under strap recess for optional mechanical installation
  • Extra thickness/density on the corners where most collisions occur
  • Corner overlaps plank to creating seamless complete coverage

Plank Features

  • Lighter density than corner
  • Resistance increases as collision force increases with our "Progressive Resistance" technology
  • Vertical ribs every 1.6" (40mm) act as cutting guides for easy customization
  • Grommets hidden under strap recess for optional mechanical installation

Strap Features

  • Easy to install and secure
  • Adjustable Straps: 120"(approx. 3m) in length
  • Integrated 5-band reflective thread for high-visibility in dimly lit parking structures
Park Sentry

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