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Bollard Covers

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Manufactured using a 1/8" thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with stronger intermolecular forces, tensile strength and solvent resistance.

Our Bollard Covers contain ultraviolet and antistatic additives that withstand extreme temperatures and resist fading.

  • Attractive
  • Quick, easy installation and secure fit
  • Durable, flexible vinyl designed to absorb impact
  • Protects both vehicles and structures from expensive damage
  • Two recessed reflective stripes increase visibility and safety
  • Low cost

What size bollard do I need?

Diameter measures Bollard Needed
4.5" or less 4.5" Bollard
Greater than 4.5" less than 7" 7" Bollard
Greater than 7" less than 8 7/8" 8 7/8" Bollard
Greater than 8 7/8" less than 10 7/8" 10 7/8" Bollard

Bollard Sizes:

  • 4.5" Dia. x 52"
  • 4.5" Dia. x 64"
  • 7" Dia. x 60"
  • 7" Dia. x 72"
  • 8-7/8" Dia. x 72"
  • 11" Dia. x 60"

Bollard Colors:

Our Bollard Covers are available in a wide variety of colors. Custom colors, safety warnings, symbols and corporate logos are also available. Our Bollards are designed with smooth sides and two reflective stripes are recessed near the rounded top. Striping is available in red, white/silver, blue, yellow or black.

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bollard cover bollard cover bollard cover
bollard cover bollard cover