A/C Cage Guards

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6' x 9' A/C Cage Guard - Galvanized.

Prevent vandalism and theft of air conditioning compressor units with A/C Cage Guard.

Durable and quick and easy to install.

  • Protects from theft, vandalism and wildlife
  • Easily accessible for A/C service technicians
  • Top panel secures all side panels and locks with a puck lock (Master Lock 6270) Patent pending design
  • Cages have mounting flexibility:
    Bolt down base plates for surface mounts
    Extended posts for embedded ground mounts
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Cages are three-sided and a fourth side can be ordered
  • Wire mesh on sides of 3' & 4' cages
  • 5', 6' and 8' cages include Leveling Legs and Cage Security Bar for optional bolting to A/C unit base
  • Finishes available: Black Powder Coated or Galvanized
  • Large in-stock inventory ready for quick delivery
  • Fast customization available

Standard Sizes

5' w x 7' d x 59" h - Galvanized
6' w x 9' d x 71" h - Galvanized
8' w x 12' d x 65" h - Galvanized
3' w x 3' d x 36" h - Black Powder Coated
4' w x 4' d x 48" h - Black Powder Coated

AC Cage Guard

4' x 4' A/C Cage Guard

AC Cage Guard

4' x 4' A/C Cage Guard

6x9 AC Cage Guard

Two 4' x 4' Black Powder Coated cages are combined to fit a large A/C unit.

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